Testimonials from our clients…

“To say that We are pleased with the program that was created for us is an understatement. We started looking for a company to produce an application to help us consolidate all of these specialty programs into a single program and make it available online in web form. DLP exceeded our expectations.”

– Johnathan Kraft
Studio Designs

“All too often, the projects I work on… insist that they go from concept to deployment yesterday. One day I might need to park bulk domains, the next day I might need to establish a web presence running three or four database-driven applications. I was sold after the first couple of projects, and now use DLP exclusively for all of the projects I become engaged in.”

– Neal B.
Multimedia Developer
Louisiana Board of Regents

“We had to find some way to cut our communications costs. Our data lines and phone bills were getting out of hand. Data Link came up with 4 different ideas and sat down with us and went over each one individually. We wound up adding services and extras, and still managed to cut our bills in half. Since then, we have made Data Link our first call for any technology needs.”

– John S.
Trine Systems

“I’m an advocate of php/MySQL environments, and a fan of Plesk for managing things on the back end, so my technology needs are met, and even though I’m a geek by trade (from multimedia to staring at code all day), but when I do come across something that’s above my head, the personal assistance is unmatched… and I say this as someone who once worked at a hosting company.”

– RebateSHS

“We needed an easy and secure emergency backup solution for our point-of-sale program. Most places we contacted wanted to sell us entire computers with redundant lines, or even more that we just didn’t need or understand. We made one call to DLP, and in less than an hour, were setup with exactly what we needed, at a price that was less then the 10 other bids by 75% or more.”

– Steve P.
Gen Manager
Ripley Sound

“As a relatively prolific tech savvy client, I’m probably one of the biggest headaches for anyone in the field of site hosting, but they never tell me that. All I get is fantastic service, immediate responses to my queries, and more tools at my disposal than I deserve.”

– Small Time Skates

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