Company Branding

Company branding, contrary to some opinions, is a lot more than just a nice logo. Branding a company consists of several phases….

  • Research and Discovery: DLP sits down and learns about your business plans. We analyze every area of your business to find the correct approach to creating your image. Who is your target market? Where do your specialties lay? What are your goals?
  • Your Name and Logo: One of the most important pieces of the puzzle… your name and logo tell your clients and customers who you are, and what you do. DLP can create your name and imaging to suit you and your market without resorting to gimmicks and worn-out names. Your name and logo will be with you forever, so they have to be unique.
  • Creating the ‘image’: DLP will create a look and personality to go along with your service or goods. This can take many and multiple forms… advertising, packaging, and presentation.
  • Extension: Simply creating boxes and logos will not help if the public doesn’t know who you are. DLP can help to extend your branding into traditional advertising campaigns and viral campaigns, that will set the tone for your business to excel.

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