Small & Medium Business Consulting

Small and medium businesses typically do not have time, money, or experience to keep up with their enterprise competition. However, many times, their needs are the same.

Data Link Professionals can analyze every aspect of your current network, hardware, and software, and offer solutions to fit your needs… and your budget. DLP specializes in open source solutions, which means our clients costs can be dramatically reduced over closed and proprietary offerings. We can find unique and cost productive ways to achieve almost any goal.

Our goal is to help you create the most cost effective and productive business that you can… not to make money by selling your company expensive licensing schemes that are not needed.

Our expertise does not stop at local area networks. We also offer web consultation to formulate a plan for the growth of your web site. Most web sites become stagnant after a few years, and technologies surpass them. DLP can offer a comprehensive workup of what we can offer to retool and streamline your web presence, while increasing your traffic and return on investment.


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