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In a chilling reminder that no site or service is infallible, an outage of one of Amazon’s cloud computing data centers knocked out popular sites like Reddit, Foursquare Pinterest and TMZ for some users on Monday.

The outages, which began early afternoon Eastern time, appeared to be gradually improving as the afternoon went on. As […]

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Ninety-five percent of those claiming they never use the cloud actually do so via online banking and shopping, social networking, and storing photos and music.

While “the cloud” may be the tech buzzword of the year, many Americans remain foggy about what the cloud really is and how it works. A new national survey by […]

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Moving to the Cloud

December 15, 2011

With technology moving and changing so fast around us, it only makes sense for a business to consider moving to the cloud for all their business needs. If you want to see how popular cloud services has become, listen to an officer at Microsoft who says that over 70% of Microsoft employees are doing a […]

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