Search Engine Optimization

Are you frustrated seeing your web site on page 10 or deeper on every search engine? How do those other web sites reach the top pages on the search engines? How do you get your web site into the top five pages, or better, onto the first page of search engine listings?

It takes a concentrated, planned effort that continues 365 days each year. It will not succeed without continued monitoring and work. It is very time consuming and can be tedious. Is this what you want to do with your spare time? Probably not.

To properly prepare a web site you need an overall map of the site, addressing every page and every graphic. Each page must be constructed so that the search engine spiders see exactly what you intended each page to show. Combinations of content, tags, page layout, and linking, all contribute to the ranking which your site will recieve from the search engines. What your page says, how it is said, and how it is presented is very important in how the search engines perceive and catalog that page in their database.

Other external factors play into how your site gets ranked as well. These vary widely depending on the type of site you have and what you want to accomplish with your site. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it are all factors in where your site ranks on the search engines. The problem for most business owners is they have other, more productive things to do with that time. DLP can help.


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