Who we are

About Data Link Professionals

A Little About Us

We were started as, and continue to be, a family run business. Each employee in our company is part of our extended family, and for that we see one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Most of our employees have been with us for over 12 years.

Our History

DLP was started in 1998 as a simple web hosting company. We quickly saw that our clients needed more than just a place to host their site… they needed development, design, and more. At first we built partnerships with other companies to handle those needs, but quickly found just how badly our clients were being overcharged, sold things they didn’t need, and receiving substandard service.

In July of 2001, Data Link Professionals moved from a small hosting company (formerly dlpHost) to a full fledged outsourcing firm capable of tackling any technology related need our clients might have. We have become a one stop shop for small to medium businesses and have grown at over double year over year.

Who We Are, What We Do

DLP specializes in small to medium businesses and their technology needs. We can provide certain aspects, such as consulting, or web design, or be a full service firm offering service from business conception to global launch. Our fields include design, marketing, SEO, application development, web development, branding, and more.

One of our clients stated it best at the unveiling of his newest store and website: “DLP came in when we needed help competing. They didn’t just sell us what we needed and moved on… they stayed, offering suggestions and ideas along the way that not only brought us to where we are today, but expanded what even I thought possible. DLP has never just been a supplier to any of us…. they are our partners.” – Nick Sampson, WindTurn

Simply put: DLP wants your business to thrive and grow, so we can do more with you. We make the best decisions for YOU and YOUR COMPANY, not our pocket book. We will help your startup or small business find unique and tailored solutions to complex problems while focusing on your needs instead of your budget.

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