AMD has finally moved away from the stigma as the perpetual runner up, to a company that is now giving Intel some serious competition.

When AMD reported their latest quarterly figures, CEO Lisa Su confirmed market share gains but waited for the industry analyst, Mercury Research, to compile their numbers before sharing them to the public. Now that the results are out, we can see that AMD, with their latest Zen architecture, has managed to capture CPU market share in just about all segments.

The lack of availability of Intel’s 9th generation CPUs seems to have had an impact on generational sales too, with the original 8th generation Coffee Lake processors accounting for a large chunk of overall desktop CPU sales. It will be interesting to see what April’s figures reveal given stock of the Core i9-9900K and Core i7-9700K is now plentiful and both being much cheaper than launch. However, AMD is expected to announce more details of its 3rd Generation Ryzen CPUs next month, so it’s likely sales of all CPUs might slow in anticipation of new technology being around the corner.

Over the last 6 months, we here at DLP have moved almost all of our workstations over to custom built PCs powered by either Ryzen or Threadripper CPUs from AMD. These processors not only helped to save a few dollars, but offered greatly improved performance over what we were replacing. We could not be happier with this new line of AMD processors, and are looking forward to what AMD has in store for us with Ryzen 3000.