Sometimes, you really have to wonder about Comcast. Sure, they position themselves as a great business (by running a monopoly), but consistently have the worst customer service ratings in the world. The reason for that is simple: they hire people for so little money, and they get what they pay for: employees that are overly micromanaged and that could care less about the quality of their work. The following is the result of just such an employee.

Rather than taking the extra couple of minutes to rewire this correctly, it was thrown together because “it meets the standard”. Sure…. it may even work… for a while. Then, the customer will get to call in and sit on hold for 30 minutes, then wait while someone in a foreign country reads from a queue card to troubleshoot the line problems they are having, only to result in yet another technician being dispatched.

If you CARE about your business, find an ISP other than Comcast.