We had Rick send us a little video yesterday, and we were quite flattered. Rick’s company had a large project, and didn’t know where to turn. We sat down and discussed all his options, and then helped guide him through it a step and a time. In the end, he was so thrilled with our service that they brought us in for all of their IT needs.

Our customer service is the #1 thing we get rave reviews over, and it’s all for one simple reason: we approach making money differently. Most companies worry about the bottom line…. Sell! Sell! Sell! We believe that by making our client happy, the money will come in the form of continued projects and contracts. Sure… we might make money when we sell you an office full of Microsoft Windows 7 Licenses, but why would we, when a particular Linux distro or even Mac’s might be a better fit for your business? This philosophy has worked well for us for almost 15 years now, and will carry us another 20, 30, or more!