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Company Branding

Company branding is a lot more than just a nice logo. 

Digital Design

You will need your customers to see your product in advertising, catalogs, and other media forms

Print Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Your catalog, pamphlet, or other print media, is typically what your customers will see first.

DLP can design, print, deliver, and even direct mail your offset and digital printing needs.

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Print Design Service

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your catalog, pamphlet, or other print media, is typically what your customers will see first. Make certain their impression is the one you want to make.

From initial concept, to completed design… DLP can take your project to all new heights with unique designs and ideas. Chances are, your company has plenty of competition. Make sure your media stands out above the rest, rather than conforms to a mold of standards.

DLP can help your company design, and print everything your company needs. Contact DLP today to see what we can design for your company!

Outdoor Banners

Pamphlets, Flyers, & Brochures

Business Cards


Pull Up Banners

Trade Show Displays

NCR Forms

... and MORE!

Company Branding

Company branding, contrary to some opinions, is a lot more than just a nice logo. Branding a company consists of several phases….


Research and Discovery

DLP sits down and learns about your business plans. We analyze every area of your business to find the correct approach to creating your image. Who is your target market? Where do your specialties lay? What are your goals?


Your Name and Logo

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle… your name and logo tell your clients and customers who you are, and what you do. DLP can create your name and imaging to suit you and your market without resorting to gimmicks and worn-out names. Your name and logo will be with you forever, so they have to be unique.


Creating the ‘Image’

DLP will create a look and personality to go along with your service or goods. This can take many and multiple forms… advertising, packaging, and presentation.



Simply creating boxes and logos will not help if the public doesn’t know who you are. DLP can help to extend your branding into traditional advertising campaigns and viral campaigns, that will set the tone for your business to excel.

Vector & Hi-Resolution Digital Imaging

You will find your company has a need for a design in a non-standard format from time to time. Whether it is an in store display for customer marketing, or window graphics to advertise your shop to passer-bys. But one thing is absolutely critical – that image needs to look like you know what you’re doing rather than someone learning how to paint.


Whether you have a need for something that will be seen by millions, or simply just a flyer for you local community to advertise a grand opening, DLP can help.

We bring a level of expertise that few companies can. Most specialize in one or two areas focusing on being a design agency, or branding, or video production. DLP can assist you with all of it, and more.

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