Apple and Intel have been working out a new connection protocol for some time, and its just hit the market. The old codenamed Lightpeak, is now known as Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt looks like its going to take over quick.

The short feature list:
  • All in one – it will push dual protocols (pcie – displayport), meaning it will hook up your display, your external hdd, your printer… anything that uses the tech. Also back compatible with current displayport devices.
  • Daisy chain your devices.. no more hubs
  • Speeds at 10gbps… will eventually reach 100gbps over the years.
  • Copper or optical… meaning for inexpensive setups, you can get cheap copper cables, but to maximize speeds, optical cables can be used.
  • Power over cable… bus power all your devices (not sure if that means we can push a monitor and printer off it… time will tell)
Apple is the first to push it out (macbook pro refresh today… hopefully it will get to mac pros quickly) since they are the cofounders with intel.
Intels page is here: