Looking for a better mechanical keyboard? We have the answer for you. Our CEO has a fun side project that has finally hit the public, and is growing faster than anyone could have imagined!

Welcome to the world, Upgrade Keyboards. What started as a hobby almost 25 years ago, is now a roaring business that caters to gamers, coders, typists, and really anyone who just wants a better typing experience. Upgrade Keyboards can build you a fully custom mechanical keyboard, upgrade your current keyboard, or sell you a ready to go pre-manufactured keyboard that can be customized to fit your needs.

If you own a mechanical keyboard that runs into problems, DON’T THROW IT OUT! Upgrade Keyboards can repair and service your broken keyboard and have it running like new or better in no time. Their easy to use 2 way shipping service is available for anyone outside of the greater Houston area.

On July 4th, in conjunction with the PC Gamers of Texas, Upgrade Keyboards is giving away a fully customized Corsair K70, a Dark Core RGB Pro mouse, and a custom desk mat. Be sure to enter! Visit https://www.facebook.com/pcgamersoftexas/ for more details.

Upgrade Keyboards Giveaway