The current pandemic ravaging the world has caused strains that most haven’t anticipated. One of those strains has been the internet bandwidth consumption in the last month. With more people at home and reliant on their home internet for things like streaming, teleconferencing, and remote work – the internet has had a tough time keeping up.

In an attempt to alleviate a small portion of that overhead the internet so desperately needs, Google has decided to start lowering the quality of their Nest Cameras to “conserve internet resources” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The adjustment is rolling out over the next few days, and Google says anyone who has their quality settings adjusted will get a notification in the Nest app,” reported TechCrunch.

In similar news, Sony has announced that it too will need to reduce its bandwidth consumption and is going to lower the speeds of all Playstation download speeds. By capping download speeds, the company hopes to maintain network stability as more and more people resort to gaming to pass the time while social distancing.