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Benefits of Outsourcing

Handling your companies IT needs requires a lot of attention



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Cost Effective Solutions

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Remote Workforce

Today’s companies are expanding their workspace

Helping You Find Success With a Minimal Workforce

Small to Medium Business IT Outsourcing & Consulting

For companies with 15 to 500 users who cannot afford the salaries of a dedicated IT staff, the time expenditure on dealing with LAN issues and problems, or those just getting started and need a foundation to build a thriving business upon, DLP IT Outsourcing is the answer. Our plans are built to your company needs and requirements to save the extra nickels and dimes other firms charge, and allow you to take control of your business and the cost it takes to run it. DLP can build a plan to manage everything from single workstations and computers in a stand alone network, to an enterprise type hub and spoke vpn network. Contact us today to see what DLP can do for you.

Security has grown into a top priority with most companies, and just because your business is not a Fortune 500 company, does not mean that it is any less important. DLP can offer dynamic solutions that can grow as your company grows. If you are like a most companies, you have moved to a telecommuting basis with some, or all, of your employees. A mobile workforce is not a problem. DLP can implement plans to help you secure and backup your mission critical data on your companies mobile workstations.

Contact DLP today and let us put together a proposal to suit your needs.

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