The Benefits of Outsourcing

Helping your Business Achieve More With Less

Benefits of Outsourcing

Handling your companies IT needs requires a lot of attention



Helping you keep up with your enterprise competition

Cost Effective Solutions

Money is the bottom line with many companies and projects

Remote Workforce

Today’s companies are expanding their workspace

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business IT Needs and Projects


Both employee morale and customer satisfaction will rise greatly when things are running smoothly. DLP can pro-actively monitor your network and computers to fix problems before they happen. When they do occur, our rapid response will insure that you can get back to business quickly.


Computers need basic maintenance. Security scans, updates, patches, parsing log files for problems… and the list goes on. When run through an in-house IT, normal business hours are taken into account, and instead of running maintenance during off peak hours, employees must run them while on the clock. DLP can alleviate this issue by scheduling our routines around your business schedule to help maximize your time at the office.


Outsourcing will cut your companies costs tremendously. The average small company spends in excess of 65k per year on salaries to take care of their computer needs. Outsourcing can lower that cost by up to 80% in some cases.



Some companies cannot afford a dedicated IT staff. But computers and networks still break. Untrained employees will typically spend 20-30 times the amount of time it takes a trained professional to fix a simple problem.

Specialized Services

Bringing in a company that is trained and experienced will also bring a world of options that most did not know existed. Every company is different and our staff can cater to your needs, while finding unique solutions to maximize your business potential.

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