Some of the biggest news to hit the tech world in years happened this week when the United States effectively banned all US based companies from doing business with Huawei.

While most people are completely unaware of who Huawei is, they are one of the largest tech companies in the world. They sell everything from networking equipment (that you unknowingly probably use every day when out with your cell phone) to computers and smart phones. They are currently the number two largest mobile phone vendor on the planet. They are only beaten out by Samsung… and what will probably shock most people – sit above Apple, selling more units than Apple.

Marques perfectly summarized what this ban means. We encourage you to take a look:

Without getting too far into the politics of it all, this is very much a double edged sword. While there is a credible concern that the Chinese government may be using Huawei to infiltrate some aspects of the US, Huawei is also responsible for spending over 10 billion with companies in the United States, ranging from Qualcom to Corning for their awesome Gorilla Glass. Their also appears to be a lack of any evidence that China is using them for nefarious purposes.

This will definitely send shockwaves through the tech world.