Steve Wozniak (the brains behind the pc and co-founder of Apple) stepped up the plate earlier this week and spoke out on net neutrality. In both a written statement and a quick interview while at the recent FCC hearing on net neutrality, Woz singled out the telecommunication companies for their deceptive practices and monopolistic behaviors. Woz relates his own negative experience with local telecommunication companies in his attempt to bring internet to his house. He called on the FCC to do the right thing and enact net neutrality rules that are in the best interest of the people of this country.

After the FCC issued its ruling, Woz praised the FCC for enacting some net neutrality rules to help keep the internet open, but criticized the government agency for not applying these standards to wireless broadband. Wireless broadband is the internet of the future and, sometimes, the only internet connection for those who live in outlying areas. This emerging network should be subject to the same rules and regulations as its wired counterpart.