The allure of IT outsourcing or computer outsourcing is way too attractive for small companies to over look. The savings alone would make it more than worth it to many companies. But is it really worth it? That’s the question many companies need to have answered. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of IT outsourcing.

Outsourcing is sending or hiring another company to do all your computer work for your company. It can be low cost to outsource all your technology needs to another company in hopes they do a good job and save your company money. IT or information technology inside a company can be very expensive to maintain. They take care of all your computer needs including database maintenance, introducing new technology, and keeping all the computers up and running, among other things.

If you use offshore outsourcing then you run the risk of a management relationship that is not quite what you wanted. They have more control over your company than you think. They have access to all your information, plus they control how much information goes into and out of your company by monitoring your communication. Of course, most outsourcing companies have a code of ethics; they can be easily be bought by rival companies. They do not have any loyalty to any one company. You have to be careful which offshore outsourcing company you hire. Another way, of course, is you can hire outsourcing locally.

When you outsource locally such as in Houston, Texas, you have more control over what they do inside your company. The success of the relationship is almost a given since they have their reputation to consider. If word gets around they aren’t doing a good job no one else will hire them and their company will collapse. So it behooves them to do a good job. However, they still have a lot of control inside your company. It’s easy to setup monitoring of information but again they also have a code of ethics they adhere to so they will get more work.

Outsource companies charge by the hour or it can be a maintenance contract where they work on a salary based. But will it give you the proper ROI that you’re looking for? If they handle the IT support and don’t treat your customers well then you lose a customer. Plus, those lost customers will tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on…

Is the loss of a customer worth saving a few dollars to keep an outsourcing company that loses you customers? Is that going to help your bottom line? With inside IT support you can depend on their loyalty, friendliness, and you know they will treat your customers well. They will also treat your employees well and keep all your technology up to date. They can handle all the projects you need done with minimum risk and they will be on hand for any changes needed for a project without having to renegotiate the contract. There are a lot of pros and cons to outsourcing your IT department. Some companies have had very good experience with outsourcing while others have had a nightmare. Yours depends on the company you choose to do your outsourcing.